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Welcome to Cascade Unlimited

Ah yes, you looked in the mirror this morning and reminded yourself that you have to get out of your own way and get focused. Your wife has the house she always wanted (so far), the kids are finished with college and working, your mother-in-law just moved out of your place to an island in the Caribbean and it's time for you to get back to things you love but didn't have time for.

OK, you love your cars, and you have stories about all of them. Some were dogs or beaters, others the favorite, or your pride and joy at the time. Then there is that heap under the canvas. You promised yourself you would get it up and running and off to the rallies. Or there is the prize sitting on jacks that you are finally going to turn into a show stopper.

Rather than continuing to blunder about trying to find all the parts you need for your classic 356 or 911 Porsche (or your . . . ?) and just frustrate yourself more, why not dive into the deep end with us and enjoy the experience of working with sincere and dedicated vintage parts distributors? Go ahead, take a deep breath, hit the "About Us" link on the top and join us for the ride.

1954 356 Porsche | Photo by Chuck Stoddard

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