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Good, you're here; this page was supposed to be really serious, but we just can't help ourselves, a bit of tongue in cheek never hurts. The scoop about us is pretty simple really. We are a seriously talented, knowledgeable and perfectionist group of people specializing in European vehicle parts with a total of 12,763 years of "pieces parts" experience between us. Sounds really awesome doesn't it? Takes us back to cave man days; but it's truthfully only 175 years. (That's totaled up, of course. It's not just some really old guy!)


Our team is diverse and heavily focused on Porsche's and other European specialty cars. We have in our group as consultants a highly respected retired European auto dealership owner/racer/aficionado that knows just about everything; a former parts department manager, now a respected parts developer who has accumulated records relative to Porsche parts and any of their idiosyncrasies over the last several decades; and a very well-known and long-time enthusiast who heads up a staff of experts in service repair and distribution.

These two, Chris & Jon, are known here as the "Floaters"; the East Coast Contingent (ECC) as they float in and out between Greenwich, Connecticut and here; not to mention up and down the East Coast with an occasional pop out to Vegas, Reno or Palm Springs; supposedly on our behalf, but always taking their golf clubs. (Hmmm.) Their prime function is a cheering section, with occasional bursts of pure brilliance (really, really rare that). But they are 'family' and you know about 'family'. However, look over your shoulder and you will find them at the meets, the various Concors d'Elegance or poking around where cars or airplanes (another passion) are being worked on, shown or raced.

Dieter, our manufacturing quality control engineer is a second generation machinist. His father was born and educated in Germany and after coming to America he started his own machining business here. He taught his son to have German pride in his work and to demand perfection in the creation of quality parts. Dieter is skilled in precision machining and metallurgy and versed in CAD.

We also have Deb, a super office manager who keeps most of the plates spinning without breaking, as well as numerous others who perform various other vital functions. We will take care of your needs.


A serious issue we are seeing in the industry is that in maintenance or rebuilding of the older cars, parts that normally do not wear out, are, in fact, wearing out due to time and mileage. These then become the hard-to-find or impossible-to-find replacement parts needed. We can readily deal with that issue. If you have a part that is just not available through Porsche or anywhere else we will reverse engineer that part, create CAD drawings, and arrange for its manufacture to factory standards.


To understand our drive for excellence of manufacture, quality control, longevity and reliability of the products we sell you, we only market genuine European or USA manufactured parts. Many of them are produced by quality shops in the Northeast Ohio area to strict ISO 9000 specifications and quality control. Our parts have the option of Concours detailing and finishing, or simplified machining detail for the rally or daily-driven car. They can be produced in alloys such as stainless steel or plated to inhibit rust. We also have redesigned certain parts for ease of installation or adjustment. It's a matter of communication as to what use you really want for the part, and we can go from there to give you satisfaction.

All our in-house records for each part include engineered CAD drawings for that specific piece to define exactly its dimensioning and for accurate duplication purposes. We also have original parts and their mating pieces to assure a quality reproduction. We've also found it necessary to create kits to simplify many of the installations vs. just sending you a single part. Often you will buy a part that also needs a bushing, or a gasket and a retainer; items easily lost or in poor condition; thus the kit to include the necessary complementary items.


We run this business with dignity and old-fashioned pride in our work. Our long time customers will testify to our success and integrity. This has been our commitment for over 30 years. We distribute quality machined or fabricated parts at a reasonable cost. Our services may include reverse engineering, holding inventory for larger customers, parts assembly, packing and labeling of individual parts for resale, etc. How can we be of service to you?

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